Plant Growth Stimulant Gallon

Plant Growth Stimulant Gallon

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Indian River Organics® Plant Growth Stimulant Gallon is a listed organic treatment and bio-stimulant that provides two primary benefits to all growers; Healthier Soils and Healthier Plants!

It also contains ecto-mycorrhizal fungal spores along with humic and fulvic acid. Unlike all other Leonardite humates, the patented extraction process ensures that the biology present in the product survives and is stable in a highly concentrated form.

Our Growth Stimulant is listed by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture for use in organic growing operations and is accepted by many organic certifying agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

It is used by organic crop growers, organic fruit growers, commercial nurseries, golf courses, sports fields, and many state and local municipalities.


  • Provides Chelating Agents (making nutrients easier to be absorbed by plants)
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (more nutrients can be held in the soil)
  • Buffers “Salts” (reverses salt build-up caused by fertilizer usage)
  • Aerates Compacted Soil (provides beneficial biology that improves soil structure)
  • Increases Soil Water Holding Capacity (increased organic content holds moisture)
  • Adds Carbon to Depleted Soils (carbon is needed for many plant functions)
  • Reduces Transplant Shock (increased heath of the plant and faster root growth)
  • Increases Stress Tolerance (stronger healthier plants can withstand adverse conditions)
  • Increased Yields (healthier plants produce more & lower stress reduces diseases)
  • Better Root Systems (growth sparked by better health & additional nutrients absorbed)